Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tip of the Day

With so much beautiful wedding inspiration on the web and in magazines, we know it's easy to get swept up in DIY projects. But we have some words of advice: please, do not take on too much in terms of DIY-ing on your wedding day. There is a big difference between sweet + simple DIY projects and taking on your entire wedding from a DIY standpoint.

Think about what you will be sticking your family and friends with and whether that's an "honor" or a burden. Asking them to show up five hours early on your wedding day to set up tables, hang your 50 tea-stained garlands, create 20 centerpieces, and make sure everything is in order just isn't fair (yes, we have heard this request). Sure, your family, bridesmaids, and friends love to help out and support you and likely won't decline the bride-to-be, but just don't ask too much and know when you are taking advantage.

Save your own sanity: we've heard about too many brides rushing around on their big day trying to make sure the homemade centerpieces, dessert display, and candy buffet are placed just right instead of relaxing.  Utilize whatever team you have assembled: your planning team, your design team, florists, and lighting team are professionals and you hired them for a reason. If you have a vision of a sweet dessert set up, relay this to your baker. Have an idea for take-home gifts and want to make them yourselves? That's great but just make sure you finish the project and give them to your banquet manager ahead of the wedding to pass out after dinner. Try to avoid adding on duties for your wedding party; they should be spending time with you and relaxing the morning of your wedding, not running around supervising.

The key to staying sane and not having a heart attack is to control how many projects you're taking on and, if you insist on doing them all, please, please make sure that your projects are completed well before your wedding. There are countless ways to personalize your big day without creating too much to do.  The last thing we want is for you to get so far in that you're to stressed to enjoy your day and the celebration.
Cheers, Aleah + Nick


Lauren @ Every Last Detail said...

So so true! Thanks for pointing these things out! :)

Sherin said...

such good advice!


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