Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quick Tip of the Day

This is a tip for everyone: DIY brides, planners, florists, and catering staff. When you're setting up candles at your wedding {or party} pull the wicks up in advance! There's nothing worse than having to dig into a tall hurricane or mason jar to pull the wicks up to light 1,000 candles! We've come across this a few times over the years and it slows down the setup process.
Cheers and Happy Planning! Aleah + Nick

Photo from Colonial Candle


The Loveliest Day said...

That really IS a great tip. I would never have thought of that!!!

Alison @ The Knotty Bride said...

Excellent tip! This is definitely something bride's need to know! Thanks for the great advice :)

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

We are so happy to share this tip! It's a near-always overlooked detail but we notice! :)

landlocked bride said...

So true! That's the first thing I do before I even take the candles to the tables!

Dandelion and Grey said...

Great tip! I never do that & I'm always annoyed when I'm lighting the candle and trying to make the wick stand up at the same time :)

lizzie said...

That is a great tip! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm not to the "Are we using candles?" stage yet...but I passed it on to those I know that are!


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