Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shining a New Light on Baby's Breath

I know, I know. Baby's Breath has long been looked at as nothing special; simply filler. Well it's making a name for itself and for the right wedding it can be positively lovely. Here are examples of baby's breath used 4 ways:

It's striking on its own as a ceremony piece, lovely tucked into a more modern bouquet, whimsical in milk glass vases as centerpieces, and just plain pretty when made into a wreath. Enjoy! Aleah


adrianne said...

too cute!? love the spin

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

Thank you! Glad you like the different takes!

brancoprata said...

I Love Baby's Breath. It's so romantic!! Love to use it specially in churches... ok... everywhere, actually!!


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