Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Wedding Planning: 7 years later

Planning a wedding from our point of view:

We were married almost 7 years ago (!); the summer we graduated from university. This made for a super busy, but fun year - shuttling across the state back to the city for dress fittings, cake tastings, and all things wedding, while studying hard and getting ready to graduate.

We often get asked what our wedding was like and how we planned, so here's Part I of a few part series to give you all some insight and shine light on how to make your planning a fun, stress-free, and joint venture!

Nick proposed on a trip to Oahu, Hawaii, and after the cloud of fun celebrations, congratulations, and the overall excitement died down just a bit, we set a date 11 months down the road. Knowing the summer of 2003 would be crazy already, we made it even crazier and set our date as July 26th. We had known for some time that we'd be married at Aleah's family home on a charming island in Admiralty Inlet in Washington. Venue, check.

Getting these two items out of the way immediately was #1 on our list, given that we were gearing up for a crazy last year of university. We set out to get incredibly organized with our planning before the insanity of school began, and laid out what was most important to each of us. For Aleah, it was about the celebration, but the focus was on the ambiance and feeling of the wedding; coastal elegance. For Nick it was about the party aspect; showing our guests a totally unforgettable time and (the food, the drinks, and the band), being the fun-loving people we are!.......

Stay tuned for how we broke up our tasks, came together on certain planning details, and more planning tips! Cheers, Aleah + Nick
*My veil!


Anonymous said...

totally love looking into your wedding. your advice is so fun with 2 perspectives! angie

chris said...

you guys just rock!!? always luv your perspective and thx for letting me into your wedding a bit!! chris


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