Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Coffee: Our Top 3 Tips to get your design ball in motion

We know often times the hardest part in starting to design your wedding is just getting started Here are our Top 3 Helpful Tips to help you get that design process started:

1. Talk to your spouse-to-be about the feeling you want your guests to experience when celebrating with you. Do you want a black-tie event where guests are wowed by amazing, lush centerpieces and floral installations? Do you want your guests to relax in a laid-back setting and adorn dining tables with low, more understated centerpieces? Concentrate on that feeling and map out how you can make that happen.

2. Look around for inspiration. This can start at home; look at the colors on your walls, any paintings you might have, or vacation photos from that romantic trip to the South of France or a romantic trip in New England. Inspiration can come from anywhere; you just need to keep an open mind and start collecting magazine clippings, online photos, and browse through inspirational design books. Think about how you can implement styles you find in books or online and make them your own.

3. We always tell our clients (and continue to say this in our posts): stay true to you. Inspiration can be found anywhere but your wedding should be a reflection of you, not an exact replication of a wedding you saw online. Draw from inspiration you've found and implement key pieces how you like. If it's a gorgeous striped linen from Provence, France you picked up on a trip, talk to your linen provider about providing coordinating napkins. If you have a photo of some fun writing on a sign (like this) you snapped, have a designer tie that into your stationery goods.
*Photo I snapped in Monaco Happy Planning! Aleah + Nick

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