Sunday, May 9, 2010

Part III: Wrapping Up Our Wedding Planning Process

Continued from our posts last week, we wanted to shed some light on how we worked together to plan our 2003 wedding. We felt it was important to give our readers and clients a look into what we felt was most important to us during the planning process. Being full-time (and married) event planners who work with each other + our couples on an intimate level with each wedding we plan, we know more than perhaps anyone how important it is to come together during certain aspects of the planning process.

Here a the Top 3 Rules we lived by when planning our own wedding 7 years ago:

1. Divide. Let the creative juices flow but divvy up the tasks if you both have something you want to work on. Let your spouse-to-be lend ideas where they are comfortable but come together on items you both care about equally.

2. Ask. Ask your fiance what matters most to them. Even if they aren't interested in flowers, ask their opinions on color choices and what they think about the centerpiece option you chose. Even though they might not care and want you to take the lead, they'll appreciate that you value their opinion.

3. Laugh! Wedding planning should be a fun, lighthearted, and special time in your lives. Don't sweat the small stuff. You'll look back 5, 10, or 50 years from now and not only remember what an amazing wedding celebration you had, but what an unforgettable time you had planning it together!


Aleah + Nick


amanda said...

you guys are so sweet!

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

Aw, thank you!


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