Thursday, May 6, 2010

Part II: Our Wedding 7 Years Ago - How We Planned

...Continued from Tuesday's post.
Once we set our wedding date and determined what was most important to each of us, we set out to divvy up what that meant for our planning process.

Much like how we work today, Nick dealt with the logistics of our big day: the music, the food, and the party aspect. Aleah worked on selecting our flowers, color palette, linens, and special touches that would not only set our wedding apart but make it totally us.

This is perhaps the most golden piece of advice we give our clients today. No matter where you get your inspiration from, what your wedding looks like, or the type of venue your bash will be held at, be sure that your wedding is a true reflection of you.

How did we incorporate us into our wedding in addition to our style + the overall vision? We got creative, thought outside of the box, and just made things plain fun. We knew we wanted our guests to remember dancing like crazy so we created an awesome play list for our band that was totally Nick + Aleah. We also peppered in some rap, classic rock, Frank Sinatra, Van Morrison, and all sorts of fun mixes that all of our guests boogied to.

Up next...how we brought our individual ideas together and our best tips for working together and remembering your planning process for the fun time it was.

One of our local brew kegs; having a fully stocked bar was very important to us!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing a very personal story. I am in anticipation of the next installment.


Anonymous said...

you guys are sooo cute!

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

Oh, thank you! We appreciate you reading and love giving insight into how to make the planning process work for you both!


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