Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Plan B: Tenting

It's our job as planners to ensure that all of our bases are covered in order to create not only a beautiful, but successful wedding or event for our clients. Many times this means providing our expertise in terms of rental items, staging, tenting, Plan B reservations, and overall logistical coordination when planning an outdoor event.

If anyone saw the Bachelor wedding last month, you likely cringed like we did when it started dumping on the wedding ceremony (though the couple actually had fun with it)! The last week or so in Southern California has been totally unpredictable in terms of weather (it's pouring outside right now) and we wanted to share some top tips to cover your bases in case of rain, wind, or extremely hot weather:

1. Do your research. Even if you are getting married in a usually sunny location, check the Farmer's Almanac or a local weather guide for weather patterns from years past. Though this is a good indicator, it's certainly not a guarantee. Thanks to El Nino, Southern California weather has been spotty lately and we've had wind and showers during normally warm and gorgeous months.

2. Have a back-up plan. If your ceremony and reception are outside, it's always a great idea to have a back-up plan: either an indoor location nearby where the events can take place, or tents that can either shade guests from extreme heat or protect them from rain and wind. Many clients don't think about having a tent for hot weather, but tenting your reception can keep guests shaded, cooler, and comfortable.

3. Talk to your rental company about their cancellation plan. Many rental companies will charge you a 10% deposit to hold a tent. Ask them how far in advance you can cancel the order; the worst case scenario might be a loss of your deposit but given an emergency tent situation, having one on hold can save your event.

4. Finally, make sure to include the important accoutrements with a tent: sidewalls to protect guests from wind, chandeliers or lighting, liners to cover the metal bars, and heaters to keep guests warm. Even if you have a gorgeous wedding day, summer nights on the ocean, lakes, and other locations can get a bit chilly. Come your wedding day, you'll be happy you had a Plan B, even if it's not implemented. It's better to be safe than sorry.
Happy Planning!
Aleah + Nick Photo from Zephyr Tent Rentals

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Phyllis Cheung said...

Great advice A & N! Love tents - they're SO romantic and you can do so much with them these days.


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