Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nick's Picks: 5 Often-Overlooked Tips

Over the years we've learned a lot from our clients about what works and what doesn't during the planning process. Here are 5 Often-Overlooked Tips when planning; from honesty to things you should consider on the big day.

1. Be honest about your budget. Dishonesty isn't the right way to start off your life together; be open and honest with your budget and lay it all out on the table. Make important decisions together and don't surprise your new spouse with an unexpected tab after the wedding is said and done.

2. Eat! Arrange for food to be delivered (either at your venue or where you're getting ready) prior to your ceremony to you and your wedding party. The day goes by so fast and if you're drinking any alcohol you'll want to do so on a full stomach.

3. Pay delivery fees. Some clients opt to have family or friends pick up linens or other rental items to save a buck. While it's a valiant effort, think about the stress it puts on family and friends. After a great celebration, the last thing they want to be responsible for is taking home bags of linens and returning them.

4. Opt to get a hotel room(s) the night prior to the wedding that's either at or close to your venue. Plan on having your collective wedding parties meet at home base to get ready and take photos. Having a place to get ready, take a deep breath, and relax just a bit before the big moment is key. If you're getting married at an estate or such venue, cordon off an area that's reserved for you. Make it your space; somewhere guests won't wander to; somewhere you can take some time to yourself before the celebration begins.

5. Use a car service to take you home after your bash. More often than not, our clients opt for a car service to take them away after the wedding so that they can indulge in their own celebration. But the clients we've had who didn't often wish they did. It's not only one less thing you have to deal with, but it enables you to have a set time to leave, rather than hanging out and watching your wedding get broken down, which we've seen and isn't any fun! Make your departure awesome and have your guests bid you farewell as you drive away at a set time.

Cheers! Nick


Anonymous said...

love the tips- nothing like a fainting bride or groom because they overlooked (in all the excitement) eating....super important.


Merci New York said...

I cannot agree more with Nick's tip "pay delivery fees"- these are so WORTH IT the day of the event... super important- everyone has bigger priorities and delegation is KEY! :)

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

Thank you both! It's really so easy to forget these little things (like eating!) and we felt it was so important to send out a reminder!

Jackie-this really is so important! In the long run it's worth it to pay a minimal rental fee rather than adding on stress!


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