Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nick's Picks: Being a Thoughtful Groom

A large percentage of proposals happen during the holidays, which means that some of you might be holding onto that little box containing a hand-picked engagement ring, waiting for that perfect holiday moment to pop the question.

Proposing to your significant other and planning your big day should be something to remember for all of the right reasons. Grooms-to-be can jump-start the planning process by doing some legwork pre-proposal (yep, in addition to picking out a ring!). Contact some wedding vendors ahead of time and check them out. Feel out their style; check out wedding planners - visit their sites and blogs to see if you like their work or if you think your bride-to-be would love their style.

Check out or make a list of some perfect venues that might have some significance to you and your bride. Do a bit of research and see how far out each venue is booked and what their guest capacity and food and beverage minimums are like. Most of our clients come to us needing a venue and a date; dive right in and enjoy the start of your engagement by putting some thought into the first steps of planning. Then sit back and enjoy being engaged! Your bride will be excited to be engaged but she'll really appreciate the time and thought you put into getting the ball rolling! Nick

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