Monday, December 7, 2009

How to be a gracious guest

It's that time! Holiday party season is here and (following our popular "how to be a gracious wedding guest" post) we wanted to share some tips on how to be a gracious holiday party guest.

I. Bring a hostess gift that's easy to open or use at the party. While flowers are always sweet, don't present them to your host/hostess unless they are already in a vase or perhaps a poinsettia that's potted (though keep away from kids and pets). While flowers are such a nice gesture, the last thing your host wants is to have to scramble to find a vase amidst a bustling party.

II. Bottles of wine or champagne are always great gift or you can opt for less expensive sparkling beverages like cava (from Spain) or prosecco (from Italy). Usually about $10 a bottle they are delicious! Of course, cookies and other party food are also great items to bring to parties as your host can display the goods immediately.

III. Most hosts and hostesses know that you are making a stop in between other holiday parties but don't rush out the door! Stay and mingle, visit with your hosts, and enjoy the food and drink they put so much effort into. After all, the holidays are all about good company, friends, and family.
Happy Holidays,
Aleah + Nick

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