Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nick's Picks: Skip the Flask

One of the most common questions I hear from grooms is "what should I do about the groomsman's gifts?" I always say "skip the flask."
Keep your wedding fun; don't make it feel like a job or a burden to the friends you are asking to be involved. The costs for then can escalate quickly when you calculate any travel, tux rental, bachelor party, and other wedding-related events. You're inviting your groomsmen to stand by you and it should be an honor. Here are some simple gestures that your groomsmen will appreciate.

If you're renting tuxes, set up a fitting for those local groomsmen and make it an outing for everyone. Surprise them by paying for the rental (usually under $100 each); the cost is minimal but the gesture large. Treat them all to dinner and drinks afterwards as your thank you.

Instead of a standard gift (like a flask), set up a day of golf and drinks for your groomsmen and pick up the tab. Somewhere during the day, snap a photo of all of the guys and gift them the photo in a frame on your wedding day. Not only are you still giving a token gift, but you created a memory.

Following these simple tips helps to keep the title of groomsman an honor and shows your friends that you appreciate their support and want them to enjoy themselves.
While not every groom can afford to treat all of his buddies to golf and drinks, find a happy medium. Splurging just a bit on treating your friends now will speak volumes years from now.

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