Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sweet + Simple: Kale

*Photo from My Home Ideas


Merci New York said...

I love the look of the kale in this arrangement... it's so summery and colorful. As a New Yorker, I admit, I usually hate it {the gardeners usually plant it along the city sidewalks around the time of first frost, since it's so hearty}... so it normally gives me a foreboding feeling of a NYC winter... HOWEVER, this window box arrangement is so pretty, textured and unique, that you totally re-envisioned the way I think of the plant. haha.
great post, as always!

Pyromancer said...

Oh this is wonderful! We used Red Chard in the arrangement for my Wedding and it looked spectacular, but this is so subtle and I just love the colors! This gives me some new ideas for photographing my jewelry, there is a huge variety of plants that look great in photos. Thank you for sharing this!


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