Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Expert Advice: think about your guest list in depth

We know creating your guest list can be daunting and you might be dreading it.
Over the years we always caution our clients to think very carefully about their guest lists. This is one of the few things we can't really help clients with, except for these key pieces of advice:

1. Please do not assume that your entire family from the East Coast won't fly out to your Southern California wedding and invite them anyway. We have clients who made this assumption and they ended up going over their intended number of guests by 30 people - that's a large overage! Instead, think about sending them an announcement after the fact, especially if they are distant.
2. Consider what it actually costs to host each guest. Would you be willing to take your old high school teammate you haven't talked to in 10 years to a $500 dinner? Didn't think so! Consider who is most important to you both and nix those from the list who don't fit the bill.

Happy Planning
Aleah + Nick

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Alison @ The Knotty Bride said...

So important to keep these things in mind. Great advice, Aleah!

Super Burbs said...

So so so important...the guest list is by far the most challenging thing in my eyes. Great advice!


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