Friday, February 5, 2010

Nick's Picks: to tux or not to tux

A common question from many of our grooms-to-be (and their leading ladies) is whether a tux or a suit is appropriate for their big day.

As a rule, let's lay it out on the table: a tuxedo is appropriate if you are holding a true black-tie affair. So what does that mean?: the type of venue (country club, hotel setting, or a private estate might mean black tie) an evening wedding with a several course plated dinner often can set the formality of black-tie. Many times this is stated in the invitation as well; if you aren't prepared and don't let your guests know, some might show up under dressed. There's nothing worse than a couple's attempt at creating their magical black-tie affair ending with guests in casual attire.

Emmett + Marie had a true black tie affair - a large Catholic ceremony and a downtown evening dinner reception *photo by Carol HarroldWe help our clients to make this decision early on in the process - we once talked a groom down from wearing a white tux when their wedding was set in a very casual outdoor garden - talk about a mismatch!

Suits on grooms are becoming more and more popular for lots of reasons: 1. they can be inexpensive 2. you and your gents can wear and wear again 3. you have endless options for colors and styles
Emily + Ryen had a wedding in the woods so tailored suits worked well *photo by Amore StudiosWe'll throw yet another option in the mix: beach wedding attire. Many of our clients are planning nuptials on exotic beaches but still want to look put together and sharp. Think light linen suits or pants paired with woven bamboo dress shirts - good looking but light and airy. The last thing you want is to be dressed in a heavy suit in 80 degree weather.

Eugene + Michelle were married on the beach in Mexico; Eugene dressed in a linen suit and breathed easier *photo by La Luz Photography
With this being said, dressing to the nines in a suit certainly doesn't mean your wedding is not formal. It just sets the tone for a non-black tie event. After all, it's your wedding - stick to what's comfortable, suitable for your setting, and looks good.

*Stay tuned for my picks on suit and tux styles

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