Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Inside Scoop: The Bal du Moulin Rouge in Paris

Continuing our inside scoop series (look back for our our inside scoop on Magnolias Linens, Preston Bailey's Celebrations party, and the Eco-Beautiful launch from NYC), we'll take you across the Atlantic from NYC to Paris. In constant search for amazing decor, color combinations, venues, food, and overall cultural influences we can incorporate in our events and design, we travel to some pretty sweet locales.
*this is the incredible front to the holiday card we received last year
This photo by Wetcanvas.com
We were lucky to get the VIP treatment and a backstage view into the famed Moulin Rouge in Paris (and you all know of my obsession with anything French!), thank you to the lovely Carole Herry. Not only did we get one awesome history lesson, but we got a rare insider's look into the Moulin Rouge. Thank you again for the interview as well!

Most know the Moulin Rouge as an over-the-top famed French Cancan dance revue, which in part is true. It's also a gourmet restaurant and a cultural phenomenon. Arguably the world's most famous cabaret, the Moulin Rouge has been stunning and entertaining hundreds of patrons a night since 1889. Rather risque in 1889, the original Moulin Rouge dancers debuted with outfits and moves that no one had ever seen. Thus, the Cancan dance was unveiled!

One of our photos - you aren't allowed to snap photos inside; and for good reason! You must check it out for yourself!
Rather unassuming from the front (though recognizable by the red windmill on the roof), once you enter the Moulin Rouge you are transported into another world. Another era. Ushers seat 850 guests each show (there are two shows each night, 365 days a year) with incredible precision. We were treated to a private table with champagne service and an unobstructed view of the absolutely insane stage. The props, costumes, and design of the entire show is out-of-this-world! Going through 1,000 costumes each night is no easy feat but the dancers pull it off with ease. Photo by SLuniverse.com
Many are classically trained in the French Cancan style, and put on a show like none we've ever seen ! The precision of the wait staff is so impressive; each night 115 maitre-ds, waiters, and servers and 25 chefs prepare quintessential French cuisine for the patrons.
The food, the champagne, those Cancan dresses. Très magnifique!

Of course, they allow for special events; what a party that would be!
If you find yourself in Paris you must visit the Moulin Rouge. And tell 'em we sent you!
Stay tuned for our Moulin Rouge-inspired table soon!

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