Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sweet summer favors

Summertime often means more light and refreshing local foods for wedding dinners and parties, like grilled fish, fresh garden salads, and smaller bites for hors d' oeuvres like ahi, snapper, and shrimp. We often recommend pairing light and refreshing dinner entrees with complimentary desserts (think short cake, light lemony wedding cake, fruit tarts, and whipped mousses), rather than heavy and rich wedding cake flavors.
For a gorgeous wedding last year we had specialty vanilla and lemon/raspberry cakes crafted for each of the 22 guest tables so that guests could share in the fun of cutting the cake as a group and dishing up a portion that was to their liking. It was a super fun take on the traditional wedding cake, and the individual cakes were incredibly fresh.
We also paired a delicious lemon and basil sorbet as a palette cleanser in between courses!
To make your own spin on wedding desserts, think about incorporating fresh berries in berry cobblers baked in small ramekins, light cheesecakes, or single servings of lemon tarts. Your guests will appreciate the unique take on one of the oldest wedding traditions. If you don't want to completely balk the tradition of having your own wedding cake, why not go with a small head cake for the bridal party table that you can cut.
Fresh baked pastries from San Diego Desserts or the French Gourmet will be sure to be a crowd pleaser!

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