Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Floral forecast from Ariston Flowers in New York

When we were in New York in January we attended Bridal Bootcamp from the Wedding Salon and met Christian from Ariston Flowers, a floral studio providing gorgeous creations for over 30 years. We asked her to provide us with a spring floral forecast and love her predictions!
"I have to admit that I think the times of modern sleek design are waning as the demand for more garden styles are increasing, that is still within good design. Pave, or low and compact will always be in demand because of it's classy and elegant form. It's simple and best kept that way, with just a few elements to let the flowers do the talking.

That isn't to say that people are interested in bringing traditional English garden style of arranging back either, as that is what our grandparents would be proud of. And most of us don't want the type of arrangements found in Renaissance paintings.

I feel this is the year of bringing flowers back into flowers! No more outrageously priced minimal sculptures out of flowers, but more of an elegant use of what the flower already provides."

Thank you so much, Christian! We are thrilled spring has sprung!
Cheers! Aleah + Nick


Merci New York said...

What lovely ideas and inspiration! I love it!

jenny llanes said...

love the white flowers! bringing back classic simplicity. happy times in our industry :)

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

Thank you, ladies! It was great to get an East Coast perspective!


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