Sunday, January 24, 2010

Easy Entertaining: cute + simple Valentine's Day napkins

A departure from our typically more elaborate table stylings, I wanted this little DIY project to be super easy and cute! Why not host a casual Valentine's Day brunch and spruce up each place setting with a sweetly adorned napkin? You don't need much more than some scrap felt, ribbon, fabric glue, and a little gem for materials. You'll also need scissors, a ruler, and marker or white crayon to mark your felt. *I wanted to use some fun and funky colors rather than "standard" red, white, and pink for Valentine's Day.
1. cut a felt square to 4" x 4"
2. fold the felt in half and freehand trace a heart as shown here (think back to elementary school!) 3. cut the heart out (I used a gold pen to mark my felt but you can use a white crayon to trace)

4. use fabric glue to adhere your heart to your ribbon - thick ribbon or thin will work
5. wrap your ribbon around an oversized buffet napkin and glue the ribbon together to secure

6. Use a dot of glue to adhere a little gem or rhinestone for a sweet touch
7. VoilĂ ! For this super easy (I mean super!) brunch setting I used a glass cake stand to elevate our creamer and accoutrements to give space as I used a small pub-style table.

I hope you enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!
*stay tuned to the blog for a week of posts from New York!


Ashley Rath said...

Fantastic idea! Looks simple to do and would throw a fun touch to any party! Thanks for sharing!

jenny said...

i want to do it! fun!!!

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

Thank you, Ladies!
I really thought it was time for a sweet + simple DIY project that everyone can do and enjoy! Nothing fancy-schmancy today but so cute and fun!


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