Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween table top

I love decorating for Halloween and got a start today by making some scrumptious candied apples; half with chocolate and crushed nuts and the other half with sea salt and milk chocolate. I printed some spooky silhouettes that I found online and placed them on some black frames we already had hanging.

For a fun Halloween party setting be sure to give your guests an assortment of treats (both sweet and savory) like candied apples, assorted nuts, a gourmet cheese platter, cured meats, and other easy to bite crostinis and stationed bites.

Offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks like witch's brew (think a dark punch served up in a bowl inside a black cauldron), coffee and tea, and wine/beer and an assortment of drinks guests can serve up easily. Stock standard bar accoutrements like cherries, tonic water, Coke, limes, corkscrews, fun Halloween napkins, and ample ice. Surround the bar and buffet with dry ice to give an eerie effect. Happy Halloween!

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