Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A perfect summer cocktail: the St-Germain

As most of you know, I love all things French, so I was so excited to try the "St-Germain" cocktail.
From the elegant Belle Époque bottle to the first scent released when you open it, you are in for a treat! St-Germain is crafted from elderflowers grown in the Alps and hand-picked each year. Pretty impressive, huh? It gets better........the thousands of pounds of flowers are collected by ONE Frenchman! Whatever he captures in a 2-3 week period for the year will determine the amount of liquor St-Germain produces. So if you find a bottle, you know you are special and have a limited edition, complete with a number!

The taste is quite subtle, yet sweet. A perfect pairing with champagne, cava, or prosecco.
The best concoction in my book consists of:
50 ml St-Germain
1.5 shots sparkling wine
top with sparkling water or soda
Stir in a tall glass with ice

Garnish with a lemon twist or a flower and enjoy! Oh, how I want to be back in Nice enjoying one at the Hotel Negresco!! Tres magnifique!

*Ask your local specialty liquor store if they carry St-Germain; if not, they can likely special order it!

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